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BBC Research & Development develops new technology for the BBC in broadcast and online media. It has over 200 research engineers, developers, designers and producers across two labs and works on many aspects of media production, distribution and consumption.
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We and AI

We and AI are a non-profit organisation encouraging, enabling and empowering AI literacy for social inclusion, to develop critical thinking and more useful models about AI. They run programmes at a national and grassroots community level to increase the diversity of people able to get involved in decision making about AI design, development, use and governance.
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Leverhulme CFI

The Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence is an interdisciplinary research centre addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by AI. Funded by the Leverhulme Trust, and based at the University of Cambridge, LCFI has research partnerships with University of Oxford, Imperial College, and UC Berkeley, and close links with industry and policymakers.

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Adrien Limousin

Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy

Luke Conroy and Anne Fehres

Yasmin Dwiputri

Rens Dimmendaal

XK Studio

Linus Zoll

Wes Cockx

Nidia Dias

Yasmine Boudiaf

Philipp Schmitt

Alan Warburton

Nacho Kamenov

Alina Constantin

Alexa Steinbrück

David Man & Tristan Ferne

Past and present advisors

Arian Prabowo picture

Arian Prabowo

Arian Prabowo, an AI researcher with a PhD from RMIT University, specialises in creating bespoke AI models for spatiotemporal data, focusing on real-world impact. With experiences as a university tutor and high school teacher, Arian excels at making complex AI topics accessible to a wider audience. Beyond his technical pursuits, Arian harbours a passion for visual arts, design, and communication, reflecting his holistic approach to the field.
Alexa Steinbrück picture

Alexa Steinbrück

Alexa Steinbrück is a creative technologist, AI educator and artist from Germany. She co-runs the XLab, a lab for creative AI, as part of BurgLabs at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, Germany, and co-created the website aimyths.org.
Angela Kim picture

Angela Kim

Angela Kim is an AI professional specialised in Ethics, Explainability, Diversity and Inclusion in AI and recipient of Top 5 Analytics Leaders in 2020 from the Institute of Analytics Professional Australia (IAPA).
Merve Hickok picture

Merve Hickok

Merve Hickok is the Founder at AIethicist.org & Senior Research Director at Center for AI and Digital Policy. She is a social researcher, consultant and trainer on AI ethics & policy, focusing on bias, social justice and public interest.
Patricia Gestoso picture

Patricia Gestoso

Dr. Patricia Gestoso is a tech inclusion strategist and researcher. She has spearheaded initiatives such as the Tech Inclusion Partnership in the UK and is the winner of the 2020 Women in Software Changemakers award.
Raziye Buse Çetin picture

Raziye Buse Çetin

R. Buse Çetin is an AI researcher, consultant and creative. Her work revolves around ethics, impact, and governance of AI systems. Buse is the co-founder & research lead of AI research, advocacy and art platform Dreaming Beyond AI.
Yadira Sánchez Benítez picture

Yadira Sánchez Benítez

Yadira Sánchez Benítez is a research software engineer working in collaborative and community based technological co-creation. Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute, doing a doctoral degree in human-centred AI.
Jamillah Knowles picture

Jamillah Knowles

Jamillah Knowles is a writer and illustrator based in Bristol. She has a degree in AI and has written about technology for decades. She turns her tech knowledge and observations into pictures for editorial and web sites and runs the Jemimah Knight Studio for art and illustration.
Dr Jenn Chubb picture

Dr Jenn Chubb

Jenn is a Lecturer in Sociology at the University of York. She researches the impact of science, emerging technologies and AI futures. particularly across education, health and the creative industries. One of her projects focuses on responsible storytelling in relation to AI, including the project ‘AI, What’s that Sound?’ which explores the sonic framing of AI and public attitudes toward AI in music and digital creativity.
Jerrold McGrath picture

Jerrold McGrath

Jerrold is MD at UKAI Projects and founder at Ferment AI. Formerly program director at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Jerrold’s cultural work includes exploring practices to interrupt official ideologies. He is a BMW Foundation Responsible Leader and lead for Goethe-Institut’s Algorithmic Culture.